I am SoCal girl living in Houston TX with my fiance and two boys. Besides my life long love of reading I can be pretty DIY crafty and if I’m not reading or spending time with my little ones I am on Pinterest finding new crafts, projects and meals to drive my fiance crazy! New to blogging I am super excited to share my thoughts about the books I love and new stories to come. I hope this site can help other readers find new books to read and build a stronger book community.

I am very interested in reviewing ARC’s duh! Since my site is new I am free for new books and would not only appreciate your trust to review your book I am also honored. Please note I do have some guidelines for my site and the books I read. It’s actually pretty simple. Please email me about the book you would like me to review with a quick synopsis, release date, and review due date if any. (Remember I have two boys under two I want to make sure I have the time to¬†read your book if you have a timeline for me to read by.) I will email you back if I can accept your book. Once I read your book if I like it I will post my review on my blog and all my social sites. I want to keep my blog positive and do not want to hurt anyone’s feelings. If I didn’t like the book or it just simply wasn’t for me I will leave it alone. I know what I’m into may not be what someone else is into and visa versa. I don’t want to start any one hating on me, my blog, or your book just because of what I have written. Like I have said before this is my happy place to review, drool over and talk about all the books I love.

Books that I prefer to read: YA, NA, Adult, and Historical Fiction. Genres I love are paranormal, romance, dystopian, sci-fi, and chic-lit. I love books with romance, surprises and twists and happily ever afters. I do prefer series to standalones only because I love to really live in these books and when I fall in love with characters I can never get enough!

Thank you for visiting and to good reads!!!


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