Pure Review by Jennifer L. Armentrout


I love this series! These were the first books of Jen’s I ever read and I think they will always be my favorite! If I had to rate the books in the series Pure would be my least favorite (and no not because it’s not any good it is!!) it’s not because of the story or writing style but due to the agony between Aiden and Alex!! For the love of baby daimons everywhere Stop fighting it already Aiden!!! Geez! Ok enough of my ranting. I think you get the point Aiden is my favorite book boyfriend and yes I would love to have Alex as a friend I love her snarkiness! 
Pure takes us further into the world of half bloods and pure bloods the politics, history and lets us know just how serious things can get for Alex if she screws up or anyone finds out about her growing affection for Aiden. No spoilers but this book also has a mortifying character twist that left me so broken hearted! Anywho please read this series it’s worth it!! Enjoy!
My Rating: 4Stars
Alex has earned her way back into the covenant even after non stop training, her mom’s death and the news of her becoming the second Apollyon on her eighteenth birthday only a few months away. Not only all of this but she can’t help her forbidden feelings for her pure blooded trainer Aiden St. Delphi? Can she survive her grueling training, the pures that don’t trust her and keep her feelings for Aiden at bay without being put into servitude or worse? Alex’s only fear is losing herself and losing control of her fate. She will have to control her irrational side before time runs out and fate takes control.

Published By: Spencer Hill Press

Publication Date: April 2012

Date Read: 7/5/2016

Genre: YA

Source: Purchased

Format: Nook Ebook

Pages: 322


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