Deity Review by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Fire flower

This book is the best of the series! Aiden finally comes around! We all were rooting for this to happen! Even though I will always have a soft spot for Seth cuz I just think he needs to be loved… and smack around a little to drop that ego a few notches but that’s why we like him, right! This book has a few twists and character reveals that will have you holding your breathe to see what comes next. We get to see a couple of the Gods come into play and I get the feeling I’m gonna like Apollo!
My Rating: 5Stars
After her narrow escape from servitude Alex knows any wrong move could take everything away from her. At this rate she may not make it to her eighteenth birthday. The council of pures want to enslave her  and there’s a possibility an old and forgotten cult called the Order of Thanatos is trying to kill her before she Awakens. She is torn between need and want. Her connection to the first Apollyon Seth runs deep but is it real? And can she trust him? While her love for Aiden feels right and safe even if it is against all the rules. Her choice seems to not only have dire consequences for her future but also the wrath of the Gods.

Published By: Spencer Hill Press

Publication Date: November 2012

Date Read: 7/5/2016

Genre: YA

Source: Purchased

Format: Nook Ebook

Pages: 314


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