Half-Blood Review by Jennifer L. Armentrout


So yeah this series is amazing! Aiden St Delphi is my new book boyfriend and I want Alex to be my new best friend!! I read this for the first time in February and I keep finding myself rereading the entire series over and over again! I love the snarky, ass kicking female lead and the swoon worthy guys! This is the series that got me hooked on Jennifer L. Armentrout and I keep going back for more!
My Rating: 5Stars
Alexandria “Alex” Andros is just your normal teenage girl trying to fit in… Oh unless you count the fact she is a half blood descended from the Greek Gods and has been trained from the age of seven to kill demons. That is until her mom broke the rules and took her away from the covenant without so much of a explanation. After being on the run for three years she finds herself back home after the death of her mother. But all is not going to go back to normal. Alex soon finds out she is in danger. Catching back up to re enter school is the least of her worries after she finds out her moms big secret.

Published By: Spencer Hill Press

Publication Date: October 2011

Date Read: 7/2/2016

Genre: YA

Source: Purchased

Format: Nook Ebook

Pages: 255


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