Beautiful Chaos – Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl


Finally Lena is back and actually being cool!! Don’t get me wrong I like these characters but whiny Lena was not doing it for me in the last book! But I have to give it to Ridley and Link they make this book!! Chaos was a sure WTF is going to happen next and who is gonna make it book. Just be warned ending is a heart clencher!
My Rating: 3Stars
Lena’s premature Seventeenth Moon has come and gone Lena has broken all the rules and claimed herself both Light and Dark. Turns out she also broke the intricate balance between the Mortal realm and the Castor realm. Things are getting worse as times goes by. Ethan and Lena must figure out how to restore a new order before both of their worlds end. But the sacrifice might be too much to pay to fix it all.

Published By: Little, Brown and Company

Publication Date: October 2011

Date Read: 6/26/2016

Genre: YA

Source: Purchased

Format: Nook Ebook

Pages: 437


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