Wicked Review -Jennifer L. Armentrout 

Wicked AmazonGRSW


Jennifer L. Armentrout’s Wicked is deliciously sexy! If you don’t have an inner book-gasim reading this there is something wrong with you! Plus Tink is one of my all time favorite characters from one of Jen’s novels so far! He had me actually laughing out loud while reading!! I can’t wait for Torn to release next month just for some more Tink!

My Rating: 3Stars
Ivy Morgan is part of a secret organization called the Order that hunts down the Fae who want to take over our world. It’s a lonely calling but when you have lost as much as she has being alone is the only way to survive it all. Until she meets the mysterious and hot angel incarnate Ren Owens. They can’t help falling for each other even though they should be focusing on keeping the Fae from starting the next apocalypse. Can they work together and find out how to stop the coming apocalypse before it’s too late.

Published By: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Publication Date: 2014

Date Read: 6/18/2016

Genre: NA

Source: Purchased

Format: Nook Ebook

Pages: 275


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