Onyx – Jennifer L. Armentrout







And it just keeps getting better! Jennifer L. Armentrout has blasted a thick web of secrets and lies through Katy and Daemons relationship. Making this a book I couldn’t put down. Finally bringing them together, after enough teenage angst that made me want to yell at them through my nook, all is finally ‘steamy’ good! If you love yourself some Daemon Black get some cookies and keep reading the Lux series!
My rating: 4Stars
Being connected to Daemon Black is a sweet torture for Katy. Denying how she really feels for him only makes matters worse for her and him. But that’s only one of the problems they face since the night Daemon healed her. Seems alien cooties are a real thing and Katy’s got them bad! She is changing. Into what they are not sure but she is now wielding the same powers Daemon and the other Luxen have but without the control. Coincidentally, a new face in town has shown up with some answers and offers to help before she accidentally reveals Daemon and the other Luxen. But can she trust anyone?


Published By: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: August 2012
Date Read: 6/9/2015
Genre: YA
Source: Purchased
Format: Nook Ebook
Pages: 328


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