The Problem With Forever – Jennifer L. Armentrout


A definite win for Jennifer L. Armentrout! She has stepped out of her box with this heart wrenching novel. 
I have realized that I will love anything Jennifer writes. This book isn’t something I would have normally read but because I am a huge fan I gave it a shot and I am so glad I did!
My Rating: 3Stars
Mallory “Mouse” Dodge is a shy and easily intimidated teen who is trying to come out of her shell. Afraid she is forever going to be this shut in too afraid to live her life. Her past is dark and haunts her future but with her adoptive parents things seem to be going well for Mouse until she decides she is ready to go to public school again. Little does she know the most important person from her past is also a student at her new high school and is just as haunted as she is. The past never really fades it’s always a part of you and they realize that together they are stronger, together they can get through anything. Nothing lasts forever.
Published By: Harlequin Books
Publication Date: May 2016
Date Read: 5/23/2016
Genre: YA
Source: Purchased
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 474

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